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New additional tests
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Valab® V14 now available!
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New revision 05 of COFRAC SH-REF-02
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6 new additional tests
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Valab in Marocco
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Improve your Quality, safety and efficiency with Valab®

Why use Valab for computer-assisted validation?

The autoverification of Valab acts like an intelligent filter. The biologist can concentrate on the reports requiring further investigation, with a resulting gain in efficiency and safety.

Over 750 laboratories have already chosen Valab

The Valab expert system is a tool to assist with biological validation without equivalent on the market. Its inference engine ensures the unrivalled autoverification of complex reports, its combinatory approach largely exceeds the reasoning capacity of manually programmed autoverification systems.

A precious ally in your approach to accreditation

Using Valab fits naturally and logically into your approach to ISO 15189 / 17025 accreditation. To use Valab, is the guarantee of a validation process that is safe, constant and reproducible. Under the responsibility of the biologist and in conformity with the requirements of the ISO standards, Valab allows to ensure the systematic review of all the results before their release.

Valab adapts to all contexts of use to provide consistent validation

From the private neighbourhood laboratory to the large hospital centre, Valab adapts easily to your context and your way of working. Valab processes with as much ease a few hundred reports or thousands of reports per day, whether on a self-contained site, a technical platform, or a multi-site configuration, and with the assurance of a consistent and uniform biological validation.

Easy to install, easy to use

No need to reinvent the wheel, with Valab you straight away have an expertise base of more than 25 000 rules preprogrammed and ready to work. The specifics of your site are immediately taken into account thanks to an initial setup configuration prepared before installation. Directly compatible with an increasing number of LIS's, Valab works automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A controlled process

Assisted by the VALAB company, a key contact biologist appointed by the laboratory customises, checks and validates the initial setup (biogical/clinical reference interval limits, critical limits, RCV values, . . .). The autoverification results are kept for a user-defined time period and all significant events and modifications of the parameter settings are recorded. The implementation of the recommendations proposed in the guide Qualification and Validation of Valab by the Medical Laboratory allows to validate the use of Valab and to attest to its reliability :

  • initial qualification before being put into production
  • continuous checking with statistics indicators, control reports, sample checking of actual reports
  • archiving of the associated records
  • integration of Valab into the Quality Management System
  • By your side at all times

    The VALAB company is at your side during the installation of Valab and trains you in its use. At the beginning of service, a VALAB consultant helps you to monitor, customize and optimise the operation of Valab with regard to your site and your expectations. From that moment on, the VALAB team remains at your disposal to ensure you the best possible use according to your needs and your evolution. A secure remote maintenance system allows at any time remote monitoring and configuration in the best conditions.

    Valab changes everything, except your way of working

    You continue to work like before but with more safety and more efficiency. Valab verifies each report in less than one second and detects the slightest inconsistency. As opposed to less sophisticated autoverification systems, Valab will even indicate a value situated within the reference interval if it appears inconsistent with the overall context of the report. Thanks to Valab you can concentrate on the problem reports, which is where your real added value comes to the fore.