Overview of the services provided

The VALAB® company proposes numerous services to customers using the Valab expert system:

  • advice on the implementation of Valab
  • installation of Valab
  • setting up of a remote maintenance system
  • training on Valab
  • general and advanced technical support
  • general and advanced biological support
  • privileged access to the VALAB website (product updates, request for help, . . .) for Valab users who have a support and updates contract
  • advice on the setting up of procedures for the qualification and monitoring of Valab by the laboratory (ISO 15189 accreditation)
  • assistance when replacing a LIS / evolution of the Valab configuration
  • support to LIS companies for the development of the connection with Valab and integration of Valab

Ongoing assistance and support right from the first installation

The mission of ongoing assistance and support of the VALAB company begins long before the day of the first installation. The VALAB marketing and technical teams help the customers to define their need by understanding the issues involved, the challenges and the benefits gained by Valab. Thanks to the pre-setup performed before the day of the installation, Valab is very quickly operational.

Initial training given during the first installation of Valab explains to the laboratory staff how to configure and use Valab and how to monitor and ensure its correct operation.

After the first installation, a close technical and biological collaboration with the customer allows to adjust the operation of Valab by taking into account the specifics of the laboratory and the statistics data provided by Valab.

And at any time later on . . .

Customer support is provided free of additional charge during the first year following the installation of Valab. Later on, a support and updates contract allows the customer to call VALAB from time to time for technical questions, it is also the guarantee of always benefitting from the latest version of Valab.

Likewise, the initial training given during the first installation can be completed by specific training on customer request. Some examples of training of this type:

  • Creating your own verification models with the Auto-Expert module
  • Integrating Valab into an accreditation process

The advantages of remote maintenance

More and more Valab customers benefit from the advantages gained by setting up a remote maintenance system. As required and with the agreement of the customer, the VALAB specialists can remotely monitor Valab in operation at the customer's site. Remote maintenance facilitates initial support actions after the first installation and allows a rapid understanding of any questions the customer may have later on.

Remote maintenance allows efficient support actions carried out in complete safety thanks to a secure VPN connection chosen by the customer or proposed if required by the VALAB company.

Collaboration with LIS companies

The Valab expert system software is supported by more and more LIS's and new systems are regularly added to the list of compatible systems. During the development of a new Valab connection / integration, the VALAB company provides the LIS company with everything necessary to obtain the best possible result (technical support, development version of Valab, documentation, . . .). The integration of Valab at the customer's site is carried out in close collaboration with the LIS supplier company.