The VALAB® company

A long history of expertise

Valab® is a mature and proven product existing for over 25 years. Valab currently autoverifies more than 250 000 reports per day in more than 750 laboratories.

Valab was born in 1986 as a research project in the Rangueil University Hospital in Toulouse, France. The first prototype of the software was created in 1988 and the first production version went into service in 1991. For fifteen years or so it was the EREMS company, located in Flourens near Toulouse, which developed and marketed the Valab software.

In 2004, a dedicated company with the name . . . VALAB was created to devote itself fully to the development and marketing of the Valab product.

Quality above all

A passionate and multi-talented team - medical biology specialists, Research and Development Department, Quality Department, Customer Support, Training Department, Sales Engineers, Administrative Department - work continuously to improve the product and ensure the best possible experience for the users of Valab.

Valab is a tool to improve Quality in medical laboratories, no surprise then that the VALAB company is certified ISO 9001 (version 2008), rigour and quality are the rule.

An international presence

Widely used in France and in Europe and with a growing presence in Africa, the Valab expert system is already widely used outside of France.

After France, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Morocco, Côte d'Ivoire, the VALAB company wants to make the advantages of Valab known in other countries. To increase the presence of Valab internationally has therefore become a major priority for the company.

Valab is distributed internationally by specialist companies:

  • Werfen in Benelux
  • Dedalus in Italy
  • Somadiag in Morocco and for all of French-speaking Africa