The tests supported by Valab®

Basic tests and additional tests

The tests supported by Valab are organised into two main categories, "basic tests " and "additional tests". The basic tests belong to the 4 main specialities proposed in the standard Valab package (Biochemistry, Hematology, Coagulation, Blood gases). The additional tests are created with the Auto-Expert module, an increasing number of VALAB-certified additional tests are available for download from this web site. Note also that the Auto-Expert module provided with Valab allows users to create their own additional tests if they wish to.

Display the tests according to your criteria

Choose your display criteria (category, speciality, type) and click Search to display the tests you want to see. You can also click at any time on the specialities listed in the right part of the page to display the corresponding tests.


Category : Additional test    |    Speciality : Coagulation    |    Type : All

Number of tests: 0