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Validation specialists

Validation specialists

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Quality specialists

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IT specialists

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Valab® - The medical biology validation expert

Developed from research into artificial intelligence applied to medical biology, the Valab® expert system performs combinatorial autoverification of your lab results.


Valab® proposes over 25 000 preconfigured autoverification rules

The Valab® software supports a set of standard tests that you can build on thanks to our Additional Tests catalogue.

Tests catalogue

Over 350 multi-site structures have already chosen Valab® to improve their Quality.

In existence since 1991, the Valab® software automatically verifies over 700 000 reports per day!

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VALAB - A passionate and multidisciplinary team

We are specialists in medical biology in the lab, knowledge modeling, research and development, Quality, customer support, training, sales consulting and administrative management, and we are constantly working to improve our product and our services.