Déploiement de Valab

Valab® deployment step-by-step

Successful deployment requires the involvement of the different stakeholders and a project management approach consisting of 5 main steps:

  1. Presentation and planning
  2. Installation
  3. Integration of Valab® into your lab, connection with your LIS, training of staff
  4. Operation in "Consultative" mode - double validation "Valab® + validation specialist"
  5. Switch from "Consultative" mode to "Autoverify" mode - automated validation with the help of Valab®

Our team are on hand to help you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and efficient installation.


Step 1: Presentation and planning of the deployment project

Planning is carried out in coordination with your LIS provider, your steering committee, and your HDHP (health data hosting provider) if applicable.

Planification du projet de déploiement Valab


Prérequis et pré-paramétrage

Step 2: Preparation of the system requirements and setup of the initial parameter settings

Your IT contacts provide a dedicated workstation for the Valab® server.

We install your Valab® server by remote maintenance on this workstation.

Check out our installation requirements

We set up the initial parameter settings provided by your key contact clinical specialists.

Step 3: Integration of Valab® into your lab and training of the key contacts

Our team work with your LIS provider to set up the connection between Valab® and your LIS.

Installation de Valab

Training of your key contacts

We train the key contacts of your medical laboratory on how to use and maintain Valab®.

Démarrage de Valab

Step 4: Valab® Operation in "Consultative" mode

Valab® is initially operated in "Consultative" mode (systematic double validation "Valab® + validation specialist") for the optimisation and fine-tuning phase.

Three audits followed by teleconferences with your steering committee are carried out by the Valab® Medical Biology Support Team to optimise and fine-tune your Valab® setup in order to obtain the best operating configuration for your lab.

Your key contact validation specialists are accompanied by the Valab Medical Biology Support Team for the optimisation and fine-tuning of the setup.

Your key contact persons qualify Valab®'s setup configuration and autoverification settings with the help of a recommendations guide.

Autorisation de la validation automatique à l'aide de Valab

Step 5: Switching over to "Autoverify" mode

Your steering committee authorises the switch from "Consultative" mode to "Autoverify" mode to allow autoverification with the help of Valab®.

For patients' reports not validated automatically, Valab® indicates on the validation screens of your LIS any results that cannot be explained or are incoherent, or which have alert, critical or must-see values.

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