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Validation specialists: Save precious time with Valab®

Valab® helps validation specialists save precious time on automatically validated patients' reports by focusing on the reports which require special attention, thereby freeing up more time for their role as consultants. In the Laboratory Information System (LIS), any results that Valab®'s automatic verification has found to be incoherent or outside the limits set by the lab's clinical specialists are indicated directly in the patients' reports.

Helping you to make your lab more efficient and improve your patient follow-up.

Safety first

You can rely on Valab®.

The Valab® expert system's powerful inference engine contains 25 000 rules to provide combinatorial and relevant medical verification of all of your patients' reports.

Valab® is deterministic, reproducible, accountable and qualifiable. For the same input data with the same settings, it will always give the same autoverification results.

Valab® is a tried and tested software solution you can count on and is a recognised reference in the field of autoverification system.
As opposed to less sophisticated verification systems, Valab® will even catch values situated within the reference interval if they appear to be incoherent with regard to the overall context of the report.


En toute sécurité

The Valab® medical biology validation software exists since 1991. Used by more than 350 multi-site structures, it automatically verifies over 700 000 patients' reports every day. A guarantee of the perennity, safety and reliability of the system.

Objectif TAT

Destination TAT

Valab® verifies each report in less than a second.

Patients' reports validated automatically with the help of Valab® and found to be coherent and within the defined limits can be released directly by the LIS.

Valab® works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This is especially important for the delivery of urgent or partial patients' reports.

Unified validation

Using Valab® in your medical laboratory lets you unite your entire team of validation specialists around the same software tool using the same parameter settings.

All of the validation specialists benefit from Valab®'s automatically verified results in the LIS.

This greatly helps to unify the validation of patients' reports in your lab.

Validation harmonisée
Un allié pour votre accréditation

Your ally for accreditation

Using Valab® is a natural part of your ISO 15189 accreditation project.

It guarantees you a validation process that is safe, constant and reproducible. Under the responsibility of the validation specialist and in conformity with the requirements of the Standard, Valab® ensures the systematic review of all of the results before they are released.

More than 350 multi-site structures have already chosen Valab® to improve their Quality.

The best possible Support

Our technical, medical biology and ISO 15189 experts have all the skills required to support you. They will give you the best possible help according to your needs and your development.

Norme ISO 15189

Certified ISO 9001, VALAB is recognised for the dependable reliability of its Customer Support.

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