Les analyses de base 

Valab® has more than 25 000 preconfigured autoverification rules which allow you to cover the majority of routine tests.

Standard tests

A set of standard tests with preconfigured autoverification rules are provided with Valab®.

They can be grouped into 4 basic categories: Biochemistry, Haematology, Coagulation and Blood Gases.

Additional tests

Additional tests and their associated autoverification rules have been modeled with the help of the Auto-Expert module integrated into Valab®. These tests complete the 4 basic categories and additional specialised categories (Serology, Hormones, Markers, etc.) can also be created.

These additional tests are available for download on this website if you log into your user account. You can then import them into Valab® within the limits authorised by your licence (additional tests purchase option).

Télécharger les analyses à la carte de Valab

You can use the Auto-Expert module provided with Valab® to create custom rule models for your own tests and modify the rule models of Standard tests and Additional tests.

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