Valab, outil d’aide à la validation biologique

Valab® is a computer-aided medical biology validation tool for automatic validation 

Valab® provides additional information on the validation screens of the LIS and draws the attention of the validation specialists to any results that cannot be explained or are incoherent, or which have alert, critical or must-see values.

Valab® helps to improve the safety, reproducibility, quality and turnaround times of medical biology results. It provides a way to standardise the act of validation and evaluate medical biology validation practices through a single tool.

Valab® frees up precious time for validation specialists.


How Valab® fits into your lab

Valab® is integrated into the information system of your medical laboratory or of your health data hosting provider.

Your LIS sends to Valab® the patients' reports to be verified, Valab® sends back the automatically verified results synchronously in less than a second.

Deploying Valab® step by step

Deploying Valab® step by step


The results are then processed by the LIS in order to:

  • update the validation status of the tests in the LIS
  • display Valab®'s autoverification results for each test on the clinical validation screens of the LIS and draw the attention of the validation specialists to any results that cannot be explained or are incoherent, or which have alert, critical or must-see values
  • authorise the release of partial or complete patients' reports automatically validated with the help of Valab®

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Valab® works automatically and without interruption 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Valab adapté à tous types de structures

Suitable for all types of structure

Whether you are a hospital lab or a private lab, whatever your size, Valab® gives you the assurance of standardised and uniform medical biology validation.

Valab® is a client-server application.

The Valab® server automatically verifies the patients' reports sent to it by the LIS.

The client workstations have remote access to the server to get full details about the autoverified report, consult the autoverification statistics, change the parameter settings on the server, etc.


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The extended feature set of Valab®

Using "Consultative" mode to qualify the system
Control the validation limits of your system
An extensive catalogue of tests with preconfigured autoverification rule models
Create your own custom tests and autoverification rule models
Full traceability
Controlled access

An interactive simulator
VSP (VALAB Services Provider)
ValView : module BI de Valab®

A reference in its field. Valab® is a powerful computer-assisted autoverification tool that is indispensable for increased efficiency of medical laboratories.

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