Equipe Valab

Our multidisciplinary team give you the benefit of their technical skills, medical biology expertise and advice on ISO 15189 accreditation. They help you to customise, qualify and optimise Valab® and provide you with training on how to use Valab®.

Right from the very first installation

We help you to manage the deployment project for the Valab® solution: planning and change management, checking the IT environment requirements, installation, help with the initial setup.

Initial training will give you the skills not only to know how to use Valab®, but also to monitor Valab® in operation and make sure that it operates correctly.

This is followed by technical and medical biology collaboration allowing us to adjust the operation of Valab® by taking into account the specifics of your lab and the statistical data produced by the Valab® software. This expert and individually tailored support initiates the qualification of the use of Valab®, optimised for your medical laboratory.

The different steps in the deployment of Valab®

Première installation de Valab
Contrat d'assistance Valab

And at any time later on

We provide you with free technical and medical biology support during the first year after installation. This support also includes consultation on setting up procedures for the qualification and monitoring of Valab® by the lab for ISO 15189 accreditation.

After this period, a support and updates agreement allows you to request VALAB's help if you have any questions on technical, medical biology or Quality issues.

It gives you privileged access to the VALAB website for product updates, support requests, etc. and helps you make sure that you always use the most recent version of Valab®.

We also propose specific services on request (medical biology audits and optimisation, training of new arrivals in the lab, roll-out and qualification of version updates, etc.).

Contact us to find out more about the services we provide

Product documentation is available at all times on our VALAB website.

Right there with you thanks to remote maintenance

Remote maintenance makes support so much easier and helps us to quickly understand your questions.

From time to time, with your consent, VALAB's specialists can carry out a remote audit of the operation of Valab® in your lab.

Our tools respect current regulations and the protection of personal data.

VALAB support is efficient, safe and secure

Télémaintenance Valab
Valab en collaboration avec les sociétés de SIL

Our collaboration with LIS providers

The Valab® expert system is compatible with most of the Laboratory Information Systems on the market.

When a new connection / integration of Valab® is developed, we provide the LIS provider with everything they need to achieve the best possible results (technical support, development version of Valab®, documentation, etc.).


Check out the list of compatible LIS systems

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